Student Ministry

Our student ministry is a biblically foundational, family driven, Christ-centered community. Statistics show that large percentages of students walk away from the church upon graduation. This is largely due to the segregation between youth group and church. Our goal is to win students to Christ and His church. We believe the family unit and integration into the familial community of the church is the context by which students learn the foundational truths of the scriptures.

Our Goals

  • Teach our students by laying a theological foundation through the scriptures
  • Partner with parents in mentoring their students by providing resources and opportunities for familial spiritual involvement
  • Exercise spiritual community together regularly
  • Equip our students for ministry inside and outside of the church

Our Gatherings

Middle School – Sundays 5:00 p.m. @ GCC building

High School – Sundays 7:00 p.m. (schedule below is for High School only)

  • 1st Sunday – Family Worship Night at GCC building. Parents are encouraged to participate. Music led by youth worship band. Teaching on a theological topic. Parents split for prayer and encouragement in leading their students in that topic. End the night with family dessert social.
  • 2nd & 3rd Sunday - Student small group topic discussion at GCC building. Discussion will be on the topic from the first week.
  • 4th Sunday - Spiritual Community - In a home. Students will gather for a meal and fellowship and then students will be given opportunity to share and pray with one another.
  • 5th Sunday – group activities or family socials

Details and info can be found on The City (our online community)